Friday, January 9, 2009

We Just Couldn't Wate.

Alright, yes we know it is nut the weekend, BUTt wee arr soooooooooooo excitable becuz wee receved a comment and it is a WONDURFUL comment. OH deer kitty, Skeezix the CAt, who ever you arr we Luv you. Wee luv you sooo much anb to yu wee also "Wishes you a HAppy Newyear!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Welcome, welcome....

NOT: This bloog is created by ZAck and Anna....we arr the cool cats of the wurld wide weeb. Wee do all of our own work anb arr darn proud of it too. WEe would like ot invite to keep comming back. Wee will be updating our bloog once a week. Most likley on the weekend. You know how crazy and wild the weekend can get, so we arr nut sure when durring th e weekend, butt wee will be here at some point just typing as fast as wee can with our littel paws. So take care and we hope to see you here - hey, post us a comment on our bloog and that will reelly, reelly be cool.....anb THAt will make YOu reelly reelly cool.

HellO, we like JellO....

Yes, it has been a looong time since our lastest entry. We have beeb so busy worrying about our Debber. You know she fell down a flight of stairs on November teh 2nd anb then was in a doozy of a car accident. Wee have been quite worried because she just hassen't been herself due to pain anb medication. SHe has a condition that when her body is injured she develops extreamly painful spasms and electric shocks....all over her body. Even our sand paper like kissed doonot seem to help. She is just now staring to get her symtoms under control wiht medication and streaching. (Ooooh, we like streaching kitties.) Debber will be seeign her droctor this Friday.

Her droctor called her and told her that she has 4 degenerated and bludgin dics. Ouch! SHe needs to do much more kitte stretching.


Hey, here it is the beginging of 20009. Happy celabration! HAve fun doing new things and have fun doing old things in a new way. <---- Kitty wissdom (=^.^=) Now haer is the exciting news: Debber has committed herself for the year 20009 to learning how anb puttting into action taking good careof her body, mind and spirit. It is all soooo cool! Anb we are goign to help her. First (anb you may want to try this at home) we are having Debber invisualize in her brain what is an fun activity she woudl like to work towards anb being able to do once she is heallthy; body, mind and spirit . We then asked Debber to share.... WOW WEE, she has some fun things to look forword too. We took it apon ourselfs to draw the fun activity that Debber shared wiht us. So here it is:

Peece tatiled "Debber anb Friends Enjoying hte GReet Outdoors"

by ZAck the cAT Medium: Microsoft Paint

Yes, she is dreming of the day when she can be healhty and get out anb about and enjoy the greet out doors with her friends. That doos sound greet dosn't it? Soo wee have sugjested to DEbber to use positvie visualiztion often to help her take into the right direction anb then stay on the right track to total health.

WEe invite you to join in and share your "health dreams."

Bye bye for now. Hope to have a lot of new commers join us here at the ZacCk anb Anna Bloog. wWe will be talking about dreams, health, birds and many excitting thinhgs! Wee will be loooking forward to hearing you (=^.^=) (=^.^=) (hour new bestest freinds.)

Please cheek out our previous bloogs. If you start at the beging wee thinK you will reelly enjoy the journy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween from ZAck and Anna


"Mortisha from the Addams Framily"
Anna in her Halloweenie Costume.
Designed and made by Anna.
(Patch over my right eye was my own idea. Cool, huh? :)

"Very Brave Anima Cartoon Character"

ZAck in his Hallloween Costume

Designed and made by ZAck

"My NaMn iis VelVroom"

Notice all teh space arround me?

Cause I put out lots of ENERGY....

Because I am VelVroom!

(I really am soooooooo cool!)


What were you for Halloweenie?

Send us you pictures.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Kari Knutson

Wee are Shouting Out to: Our Cussin Kari Knutson. You arr such a spechall person. Wee hop you the best B-day. You deseerve the vary bestest!!! Did you and David have a greet dinner out at the Tie Resturrant? Bet you did. DiD you guys buy new ties? YOu two arr super duper! Wee LOve You!!! HuGs, ZAck and Anna

BIrthdAy Art by Anna

Medium: painT and Adobephotoshop 20o8

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.... Yikes!

The WORD of the MONTH:


It is a disease of the liver and it is very painful! (Anyone who watched Saturday Night Live last night knows that this is the correct meaning of our word of the month.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Lyrics

Mary Poppins:

When trying to express oneself, it's frankly quite absurd,
To leaf through lengthy lexicons to find the perfect word.
A little spontaniaty keeps conversation keen,
You need to find a way to say, precisely what you mean...


Even though the sound of it is something quite atrosicous!
If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious,




Mary Poppins:

When Stone Age men were chatting,
merely grunting would suffice.


Now if they heard this word,
they might have used it once or twice!

Mrs. Corry:

I'm sure Egyptian pharoahs would have grasped it in a jiff,
Then every single pyramid would bear this hieroglyph;

Oh! Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

Say it and wild animals would not seem so ferocious!

Mary Poppins:

Add some further flourishes,
it's so ro-co-co-coscious!





The Druids could have carved it on their mighty monoliths!

Mrs. Corry:

I'm certain the ancient Greeks would have used it in their midst!

Mary Poppins:

I'm sure the Roman Empire only entered the abyss,
Because those Latin scholars never had a word like this!



Mary Poppins:

If you say it softly the effect can be hypnoscious!


Check your breath before you speak, in case it's halitotious!




Mary Poppins (spoken):

Of course you can say it backwards,
which is Suoicodilaipxecitsiligarfilacrepus!

Michael (spoken):

She may be tricky, but she's bloody good!

Mary Poppins:

So when the cat has got your tongue,
there's no need for dismay!
Just summon up this word and then you've got a lot to say!


Pick out those eighteen consonants and sixteen vowels as well,
And put them in an order which is very hard to spell...

Mary Poppins:


Jane and Michael:




Bert (spoken):

Here we go!


Even though the sound of it is something quite atroscious!
If you say it loud enough, you'll always sound precocious,


Jane and Michael:





In Living Color

By Deborah Burt / Medium: ink Circa 1990s

Cheek out our links.....where you can downlude
Cell Phone Ring Tones. :-)

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Lyrics and cell phone ring tone.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Poems by CATS

Little Mousies

Love to eat them mousies. ~Oo.

Mousies I love to eat. ~Oo.

Bite their little heads off. ~Oo.

Nibble on them tiny feet. ~Oo.

.by an anonymous cat

Tiger that I am
by Andrew Jackson Burt - The Cat 1983

Art by Debber (drawn in sixth grade)
Medium: color pencil
Restored and twixt using Adobe Photoshop 2005

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Balloons

Are your balloons happy?
(Balloon cartoon by Debber)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sesame Street and funny tears...

hoPPY BirddAY to Char
Hoppy BirDAy to YoU
HOppy BirDDAY to You
HopPY bIRd DAy Deer Char
Hopppy BirdDAy to You
....and Many Moore!
(=^.^=) (=^.^=)
OuR Mom has a fun memorry to Share:
Hi, this is Debber and I have a fun memory to share about Char. A long time ago Charlene and I were traveling in a car together. We had been traveling in the car all day and it was quite late in the evening and we needed something to entertain ourselves and to help regenerate our juice since we still had a ways to travel to our destination. We were tired of listening to truck drivers on the CB and we were out in the middle of "no where" and could not receive any radio air waves. We had also listened over and over to all of our music cassette tapes and were amazed that any of the tapes still worked.
Now because Charlene is Charlene and I am me it wasn't hard to find something to do to entertain ourselves. We decided to see how well we could impersonate (inpuppitnate) the different characters on the television show, "Sesame Street." We had a great time and found ourselves to be very entertaining (we felt a little sad that others could not be with us to glean the true joy of our talent show).
Our favorite character and the one we had most fun imitating was Grover from Sesame Street. We had a great time and thought of ourselves as somewhat on the kookie side, but we didn't care because we were having all sorts of fun. (We thought we were really funny and entertaining!)
We actually did share our new found talents with the other travelers in our caravan once we arrived at that night's destination. You know, some people just do not know talent when they see it. LOL What was important was that Char and I had a great time and truly appreciated our time together (and our newly developed gift). We had so much fun and laughed until we cried. Oh, what a fun memory. Thank you Zack and Anna for having me share a blog scrap book memory on your bloog. :-)
(Zack and Anna's mom)
WeLL, ThAnk yoU "Debber" four sharing such a delightful memmory.
ShoUt of the Day: WEe wood like to shouT at the moon. Yeah, that is rite - the moon. The moon brings the nite. The moon brings the dark. The moon brings the stars. The moon brings the staR lite. The moon brings the crickets to sing their nite songs. The moon brings the moths to the street lites. The moon brings the dogS walking their poeple. The moon brings the laughter of children playing nite games. The moon brings our favorite time of play when wee go out on our front Porch and bask in the moon lite while we listen to all the wonderfull nite sounds that the moon brings to us.
TIp of tHE DAy: Enjoy life & laugh offen until your cry. LOL is greet for your health. Did you know that the trears you cry when you arr laughing and HAppyu are made up of different body chimicals that the tears that you cry when you arr sad or mad. Even a sad cry is good for your health. Just saying it like it is: It is OKAY to cry.
Cheek out the greet weeb site on your rite that wee have added to our bloog about "tears". It is fasanating!!! IT is called Kids' Health and our bloog will take you rite to the Kids' Health page on "crying and tears." Ooh la la. You will enjoy and leern a lot from this site on the wurld wide weeb. Yap, yAp, yap, Yippykiyay. Now you have a vary nice day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy Birthday

This is a Hoopy BithDAy Bloog.
Can you heer us "Shouting Out"
to you,Two BirthdAY girls?


Gramie turns 85 yrs old this 9/21/08.


Hoppy Brithday to our Gramie. You are so ding dong dalley dilly gettie up specail to us. We love you soooo many bunches and arr wishing you a lot of mices for you in the next comming year. You are one very specail Gramie and deserve a tootie toot toot! Hay, Gramie, tootie toot toot to you!!! Think helthy and live helthy and be sure to buy us something for Christmas this year.

hUgs and Bugs,
ZAck and Anna

Laurie turns 63

this fine Septemper 21st of


Yeah! Hoot, hoot, hoot! Rah, Rah, Rah! Sending brithday wisheses your way. You arr sooo cool - one cool dude-ette! YOu deseerve a cool daY. So we arr sending one cool day your way. We think you arr vary pretty too. You go gril!

Love you Aunt Laurie!
HuGS and BugS,
Zackk ANd Anna

Monday, September 15, 2008

Borrow a Cat

Borrow a Cat
. .
Have you ever heerd of the Borrow a Cat programe? Well it is a programe that is availlable in our Gramie's neighberhod and she says that she has had great luck with the program.
~Oo. ~Oo. ~Oo.
This is the way the Borrow a CAt programe works: You make arrangemnets with you neighbor to borrow their cat. You put fud, water and a wonderfully "heated" warm bed in your garage. Your neighbor's cat hangs out in your garage and by doing so it keeps the mices away. It really works. Our Gramie's borrowed cat's name is Murphy. A cute tabby cat. Murphy is just a natural mouser. She is very keen at her sport. The neighbors are the Wards. Great poeple. Murphy has been sprayed too. Gramie has good responssible neighbors!!!

~Oo. ~Oo. ~Oo.
The WArds also have two dogs. Ginger is a Charpane and Baxter is half Charpane and half Pug. They also have two miniture goats named Joe and Chester. The WarDS use to have chickens (hens and a roster). The hens' names were Hennny Penny, Mable, Tootsie Wootsie, Gladys and Sweet Heart. The Rooster's name was Dexter. Yap, Dexter the Rooter. He was a very pround rooster. They now live somewhere else.
~Oo. ~Oo. ~Oo.
Did you know if you fud your cat it will be a better mouser? SOme humans have the missundersrtanding that if that DON't fud your cat that the cat will be a better hunter. Nope, not so. Some cats are naturally born hunters and if they feel content they will even be bettter hunters.
~Oo. ~Oo. ~Oo.
If you Google "Borrow a Cat" wee thunk you will be surprised to see all the post and articles on the subject of borrowing a cAt. It is really fun.... Also check out the weeb site on the rite side of our bloog tittled: Make a Good Mouser Out of Your Cat.

Hear, kitty kitty kitty, wee have fud and a warm bed for you.

By Debber
Medium: Digital Art/Paint and Adobe Photshop 2008

TiP of the DaY:


Shouting OUt Today to: Dr. Bob and Bill W. who created Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) and who coined the phrase, It works if YOU work it! So let's work it...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Next Post

The next post is going to be

about a program named

"Borrow a CAt."

It was a “borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbor” moment. ....
Please check back soon.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

As of September 12, 2008

Mars Petcare
US Voluntary Limited Food Recall

Possible Salmonella Contamination

Contact Debra Fair

Public Relations Manager - Central Marketing

Mars Petcare US


You can ALSO check out our MARS website link (to the right) where you can read about the recall and "click" on a logo to see if your products are affected.

Good luck and stay safe.

This Public Service Announcement
has been brought to you by

The Zack and Anna Blog - We Cool Cats.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We Can All Be Winners

Welcome To Our Bloog
Howdy there family and friends.
Welcome, welcome new comers.
We invite you all to reed our bloog

....and if you wood like leeve a comment.

TIP of THe DAY: FOr reeders wanting to leeve a comment there are a verity of ways that can be done.

First click on comment at thE end of the POst, then as in Chooseing an Identity:

1. Google/Blogger

2. Open ID

3. Name/URL

4. Anonymous

Use what ever makes you tHe most comforttable.

SHOUT OUT off the DAY: Hay, we understand that there are some vary excited sooon to be GRANDPArents. (Sooon to be Grandpartents to a litter of Weener Doogs.) How cool is that!!! SO we are "Shouting Out" to you sooon to be Grandparents thaT everythING and eveyone will turn out heatHLy and happY! Rememmber we can all be weeners.

PUPPY LOVE by Debber

Medium: Digital/Paint and Adobe Photoshops 9/08

Life is preshious! God created all creachures great and small. Realize you arr a child of God. You cannot get moore special than arr a son or daughter of our HEavenly FaTher. God created us smaller creatures too. (Wee have been told that wee arr gifts of sunshine. :-) Well, wEe love you and you love us and that is what makes the wurld go arround. THank you God!

Take care,
Zzack anb ANNa

The Cool Cats of the Wurld Wide Weeb

(=^.^=) (=^.^=)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Molly and Alley whatever... WE HAVE CAT WOMEN ON OUR SIDE


Cat Women wearing a character outfit from one of the best loved 1970s television series. Still a hit in syndication and everyone is still in love (or falling in love) with "MARY RICHARDS" (played by thewonderful Mary Tyler Moore) in:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

CAT WOMAN incognito as Mary Richards
By Debber
Medium: Digital Art /Paint and Adobe Photoshop 2008

Here is a wonderful artist rendition of CAT WOMAN Incognito dressed up as Mary Richards from the Mary Tyler Moore Show

How abbsolutley COOL! CAT WOMAN Incgognito is sooo The Cat's Meow COOL!!! CATS ROCK!!! weE ARE Awessome!!! Let's here it from all you CATS outthere. Yeah!

Now before we go on with the rest of the bloog we want to say that Mooly anb Alley arr not too bad for dogs. Thay are kinda on tHe cute side. We first were hissing madd that they had hacked into our bloog, but then we realized that thay are kinda talentted and they were just trying to have fun. (ANd after all we arr family. Yay, isn't that a show stopper?) Mooly anb AlLey's mom is our Gramie. DEbber, our Mom, is Mooly and Alley's sister. We know - it reely blows yur mind!!!! Try to wrap yur brain around that ONE!

Tip of the DAY: On a very serious note please take a moment with your family, friends, pets, or colleagues (maybe by yourself) and remember and give thanks for the brave Men and Women of 9-11. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKYOU! We will never forget you. We thank you and send our love to everyone effected by the events of that day 9-11.

ShOUT OUT of THE DAy: Today wee are shouting to everyone. Show kindness and apppreciation to everyone you come in contact wiht for the next couple of days (thoose who you know or persons/animals you even donnot know). You will help make the days a little more full of sunshine. Isn't that rite, Mary Richards?

Incloseing wee send our love to all of you outthere and reely anywheer. (What is OUTTHERE?) SO....I guess that meens to you tooo Mooly and ALley. (Ouch! That kinda hurt to rite that.) It is just our breeed. Wee will work on it - promise. Of all days it is the rite day to choose to think good thoughts about others and yurself. Remember to show love and appreciation to others and to yurself.

Hugs and bugs,

Zacck aNd Annna

(=^.^=) (=^.^=)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alley and Molly

is so
us -
We are Alley and Molly
(Oh wate - I think we hEAR someone comming. We donot waNt anyOne to catch us. We just hacked into zZAck and Annna's bloog).
Well, may be we bettor finsh this POST and then make like a tree and leaf. LOL
tHE YIP of the DAy is: We hide hour "Chicken Chewys" all thruw thE HOUse and backyard. THis way in case of a "Chicken Chewy" shortage or the price of the chewies sky rocket to thE Point we can nut afford them\will be sitten pretty beCause we have our emergancy stash. Told ya we are kool Dogs. So, our advice to all you Dog lovers out there be sure to buy extra "Chicken Chewys" for your Dog's emergancy stash.
SHOUTING TO: Hour Mom (The BABe) for buying us "Chicken Chewys." The nutrishus and good for clean teeth treats (and they donot make your breath stinky either). So when we want a treat we say, PAss the Chicken Chewies PLEASE and our Mom (Koolest Mom Ever) gives us a Chicken Licken Good Chewy (hay, I just made that saying up). Yum Yum! Thanks, Mom!
Well, wee better get out of here before anyone gets suspishus. Remmember you just read a POST written by the koolest Dogs ever. Puppy Power is True.
Helpfill Info: Waggin'Train Brain Chicken Jerky Tenders. Diffantly worth checking into-they are yummy, healthy and safe. Check out Sams's Club, Costos (they have thier own brand), Pet's Mart, Pet Co, and eBAy. Besure to check our linkk section of this bloog to learn more about Waggin' Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders. Wee love them!
Art work for this bloog was done by Alley and Molly. Medium: Digital 2008

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh my, my, my! It has been too long...

Oh my, my, my! It has been too0 long sinse my brother, Zack, and I (Anna) have shared wiht our family and bestest of friends. We have been enjoying an all paid expence trip to Hawiii...NOT!

How arr you all doing out there? We do have so000 much to share with you. However it is past our bed time and wee arr hiding unnder the covers wiht our laptop, a flashlight and a package of Goody Cat treats (yum yum). Wee promise we will be back up soon two our full compasity. We have missed you.

The Shout of of tHe dAy goes to a suprise visiter to our bloog. Shout OUt to You and rite back at ya, Sheila. Thanks for the compliments about our bloog. Congratudlations for receiving your course comppletion certificat. Debber told us all about the class and it sure sounds like it was a wonderfull experiense. Debber says to tell you, HI!" Remember you are awsome and you rock!!! Kepe in touch.

The tip of the day is to is love yourself. KNow you are special and love others, accept others even with their frailties. You love yourself, frogive youself and others and you know what a wonderment you arr and let people and pets into your life and give you the love you so much deserve. ANd then when you can pass it on. (=^.^=) YYY (=^.^=)

The WORd of the WEEK: Snickelfritz. Can we all say, "S.n.i.c.k.e.l.f.r.i.t.z?" Let's say it together now: "SNICKELFRITZ"! gOOD JOB! Debber's dad used to call people and animals , "Snicklefritz" as a wonderfull and fun term of endeerment. Isn't that a fun word? I have offen wondered what it would be like to be a deer. Hum? Try to use your new vocabulory word eacn day for one week. People and pets will be impressed.

So to all you, Snickelfritz, out their you have a greet day!!! This is Anna and ZAck signning off. Hoping you are all well fed and have a dry bed.

Hugs and Bugs,
ZAck and Annna

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

All sorts of Celebrations....this calls for a special guest.

LOok, it is the Birthday Wisher Thingy. He must be here to wish somebody a very speical Happy Birthday or some thingy. Oh, it is Jilly Bean Perry's Happy Birthday. HAppy BIrthday to Jilly Bean Perry from ZAck and ANna and the Thingy.


Art by Deborah Burt / Medium: Ink and Colored Pencils Circa 1980s

Wee have a very speical spot in our hart for Jilly Bean Perry. WHen ever Sharoonie and Debber go out of town Jilly Bean Perry CAt Sits with us. Wee let her do her lawndry when she is here CAt Sittting us. SHe rubs our tummy, plays with us and sometimes wee watch T.V. together. ANd she always makes sure wee have enuff water and fud. WEe love our Jilly Bean. Y

So HAppy Birhtday and thingy!!!
THe sHOUT OUT of the DAY: Wee said that this is a time for celebration and tonite the UVU Turning Point class of 2008 celebrated the compleetion of the Personal and Professional Development Management Courses.
The program tonite started out with a "Shoe and Tell" demonstration. Following the demonstration a board game was played and wee really don't understand how it is played however wee do know that there arr these wonderfull magical numbers that one must play to win.
There was a dinner and time set a side so everyone could share his/her collage which depicted the "umph" of each individual collage maker. Then there was time to hug and say our thanks and goodbyes with the hope of seeing each ohter again soon.
Tonites dinner had a Mexican theme and everything was delicious (thanks to the students). One student brought a big pot of spaghetti (must be because she is from Germany). Debber said that the spaghetti was extra yummy and she ought to know casue she is a spaghetti lover and was telling us just last nite that she sure wished she has a big pot of spaghetti) Ooooh!
A special thanks to Gaila for organizing
the greet dinner for this evening's celebration.
You did a supercalafragalistic job!
Very special worm harted thanks from teh students were given tonite to the three wonderfull teachers, Peggy, Shauna, and Ruth, who made the Turning Point experience meaningful and memorable for the students. (And that certainly was the case!)
The students who attended tonite's closing social were (names arr given in alphabaptize order):
...and a fun time was had by all.
PSSSS.PSSSS. Debber would like us to encourage everyone to stay in touch. You can always leeve comments on our bloog or e-mail Debber in care of us at:
You sure take care now!
Hugs anb BUgs,
Zack and ANNA
(=^.^=) (=^.^=)

Monday, August 25, 2008


Art by Deborah Burt / Medium: Ink and Water Color Circa 1990s

Hi there, my name is Leroy. I am usually off pretending that I am a Ninja Turtle, however Zack and Anna asked me to take a moment to make an announcement for them. So here it goes: If any of you out there want to send a "Shout Out of the Day" via Zack and Anna's blog all you have to do is e-mail Zack and Anna at and tell them who you want to shout at and what you want to shout to him/her. Let's keep all the shouts positive and uplifting. That is all for now from, Leroy, the Announcement Guy.

THe SHOUT OUT of the DAy:

HOPPy HOPPY BURTDAy to Stooney Burt in IDEEHO. Wee think you are the CAT'S MEow, Stooney Burt. How awesome is it that you have a day each year to celebrate that you are a BURT. Wee hope you have a WONDdERFUL time celebrating your BuRTDay.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Stress Reduction Techniques - Cats Know How to Chill

by Debber
Medium: Digital Art (Paint and Adobe Photoshop) 2008

Hi there (wee arr back),

Yikes, life can be stressful. Don't you agree? You may find your life is soooo full of stress that you arr struggling to stay healthy and on top of things. (Do you ever find yourself falling of your refrigerator?) Stress can interfere with one having a clear and sharp mind as well as having good health and the ability to function well. So what can you do?

Here is a LiST of some great ideas to help you get startED in reducing stress symtoms in your life and as well as developing daily techniques and hobbits to increase good health.


Positive self talking
Daily affirmationing

Deep breathing
Jump ropping
Planting flowers
Listing to music
Playing with bugs
Yogi Bearing
Riding a shinny new red bike
Playing in a sandbox
Singing loudly silly songs
Venting to your pet :-)
Reading something funny
Watching a movie that has a cult following

Licking slowly your favorite treat
Rolling up in a ball and napping (a cat nap)
Playing drums....
(pots, pans and wooden spoons work greet)
Dancing (with leaps and bounds)....
throughout your house & neighborhood
Chasing balls...
and then kicking the heck out of them
with your hind feet when you catch one :-)
Laying on a window cell and basking in the sun
Exercising to a Richard Simmons'....
" Sweating to the Oldies" VHS
Bubble baths (if you like that sort of thing)
Humming while doodleing
Rocking your pet while singing to them
Climbing trees....
then sprawling out over the branches to snooze
Finding a special hiding place and visiting it often
Curling up on your bed with, oh I don't know,
....maybe with FIVE TO EIGHT PILLOWS!!!
Putting up a swing in your back yard and SWINGING
Decorating your place with hair balls
Laying in a hammock....
dangling your legs, arms and head
Playing with your pet (Ooooh, that is a good one!)
Swimming (dooggy paddle if you must)
Eating cookie dough....
baking what is left of the dough if any
Coloring in a coloring book....
(it is okay to color outside of the lines)
Gliding in a glider on your deck
Walking your doog
(oooh, I can't believe I just wrote that)
Staring down a gopher hole for hours
Batting and pouncing at sunbeams
Doing something special for someone...
(like buy them yarn and catnip)
Massaging your pet....
(actually proven to lower blood pressure)


STRETCHING is GOOD for you too!!!
(wee know A LOT about stretching!)

by Debber

Medium: Digital Art (Paint and Adobe Photoshop) 2008


a) stretch big in the sun light
b) stretch big before you lay down for a nap
c) stretch big when wake up from a nap
d) stretch big when someone rubs your tummy
e) stretch big on a nice warm deck
d) stretch big as you stare into sunbeams
e) stretch big before you take that first bite of fud
f) stretch big when you are done playing with your toys
g) stretch big outside in the tall grass
h) stretch big while playing with your catnip
I) stretch big by reaching high into the sky (w/all 4 of your limbs)
j) stretch big when you wake up in the morning
k) stretch big when you bath
l) stretch big before taking out on any adventure
m) stretch big after a long day of hunting grasshoppers


Also check out our "link section" of our bloog to find helpful information on how to reduce the stress in your life and find healthy living tips for you and your family.


SHout OUT of the DAy: Yeah to The Babe (our Gramie) for putting up pet fud in her 2 Year Supply of Fud. WHY COOL!


Remember, wee love you, you are special to us anb wee appreciate you because there is no one else in the world just like you. :-)

~@" ~@" ~@" (snails just chilling out)

Hugs and bUGS,

ZAack and Anna

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Looking a like....


Photo by Barbara Glick and Adobe Photoshop Effects by Deborah Burt 2008


You hear about pets and their owners who
look a like. WEll, I thinketh me Mom

(Debber) anb I, Zack, resemble each
other quite loverly soooo! Isn't that

something? Cause I was adopted.

Art by Zack / Medium: Graphic Design Paint Program circa 1990s

The ShOUT OUT of the DAy: Hoppy Birdday to Cathy Peshlakai. Hope your celabration last all year loooooooooooooong. Know you are loved and apreciated by the humuns and animals in your life. HOPPY, HOPPY BIRDDAY TO CATHEY!!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Baby Anna the Pooh

Princes Anna
TIP of THE DAy: It is soooo important to receive adequate sleep every nite. Believe it or not "cap naps" during the day will not make up for missed sleep during the nite. (More to come on this subject...)
Shout OUt of tHe day: To all you wonderful peoples who adopt, foster anb care for animals!!! YOU make this world a better place. You will be bleesed and receive lots of catnip and doogy biscuits in heaven.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Baby Pictures as Promised

The day after our adoption.
In a new bed at a new home with a new family.
We had just been fud and bathed and put down to nap.


We love each other!


I am too sleepy to smile.

Visiting Gramie
The 40 minute ride wore us out.

Thursday, August 14, 2008



Kitty Massage

The Shout oUt of the DAY: Thanks Debber! Yesterday Debber gave us (ZAck and Anna) a full body kitttty massage. Ooooh, we just love it when she doos that. She takes her time and makes sure she massages arr joints and tail too. Oh yeah, the ears - the ears arr our favorite. WEe feel like we are in kitty heaven. Wee can tell you right NOW that your pets will love it when you give them a massage. It is such a nice expression of love as well as an aid in stress relief....for both you and your pet. Check out our Amazon link to search the book HOW TO MASSAGE YOUR CAT by Alice M. Brock. It's FuNY!
On a more serious note for the TIP of THE DAY go to and check out other books on "Pet CAre." Search words like, pet massage, pet care, playing with your pet, happy pets, first aid for pets, etc. Remember that us pets need a LOT of taking care of.....a lot of attention. We need more than fud and water. Much more than fud and water. If you are not sure what your pet needs talk to a veterinarian, read an animal care book, check out animal care weebsites on the Internut. Your pets will appreciate it. Parents, make caring for the family pets FUN and remember YOU set the example and this will help your family to have happy-healthy pets and happy healthy children. YYY

Come back soon and view our photo show.

Wee will be displaying photos of when we were babies and on the day after our adoption.

Wee were very pretty babies.

See yoU soon.

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement

Please note that this is a dramatization.
However this could happen in real life.
Yes, this could happen to you.

Self Portraits

Zack and Anna

Smart, healthy, non drug using cats.

Remember the following
two pictures are a dramatisation.
They have been digitally created to help
communicate an important message.
Oh No! Zack and Anna on drugs.

This could be YOU on drugs.
Be smart and do not take drugs.
Do not let your cats or dogs
take drugs either.