Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alley and Molly

is so
us -
We are Alley and Molly
(Oh wate - I think we hEAR someone comming. We donot waNt anyOne to catch us. We just hacked into zZAck and Annna's bloog).
Well, may be we bettor finsh this POST and then make like a tree and leaf. LOL
tHE YIP of the DAy is: We hide hour "Chicken Chewys" all thruw thE HOUse and backyard. THis way in case of a "Chicken Chewy" shortage or the price of the chewies sky rocket to thE Point we can nut afford them\will be sitten pretty beCause we have our emergancy stash. Told ya we are kool Dogs. So, our advice to all you Dog lovers out there be sure to buy extra "Chicken Chewys" for your Dog's emergancy stash.
SHOUTING TO: Hour Mom (The BABe) for buying us "Chicken Chewys." The nutrishus and good for clean teeth treats (and they donot make your breath stinky either). So when we want a treat we say, PAss the Chicken Chewies PLEASE and our Mom (Koolest Mom Ever) gives us a Chicken Licken Good Chewy (hay, I just made that saying up). Yum Yum! Thanks, Mom!
Well, wee better get out of here before anyone gets suspishus. Remmember you just read a POST written by the koolest Dogs ever. Puppy Power is True.
Helpfill Info: Waggin'Train Brain Chicken Jerky Tenders. Diffantly worth checking into-they are yummy, healthy and safe. Check out Sams's Club, Costos (they have thier own brand), Pet's Mart, Pet Co, and eBAy. Besure to check our linkk section of this bloog to learn more about Waggin' Train Brand Chicken Jerky Tenders. Wee love them!
Art work for this bloog was done by Alley and Molly. Medium: Digital 2008


Anonymous said...

O.K. I have come across this blog about 7 times in the last two days! So what is up? What should I be doing? It was fun to see my own shout out...and yes the class was wonderful. I would tell anyone to take the class....who knows I may just take it again! Deborah is a wonderful person...lucky you know her. I'm glad I got to know her just a little.
Hope everyone is fine.

Zack and Anna said...

Uh, we donno why you came acrosss our bloog 7 times. Maybe it is karma? Wee arr nut exacally the computor geeks wee liek to pretend wee arr.

Uh, wee are all fine. Deborah is gled that she got to know you tooo. SHe two may even take the Turnnig Point Class at UVU again. It was awsome along with the awsome teachers and yur awsome fellow studants.

Our e-mial address is if you ever want to drop us a line.

Hope you arr doing well and have a goood one!

Hugs and Bugs,
Zack anb Anna

Anonymous said...

Hope this will help. Sheila, if you have signed up to be notified by e-mail to receive a notice each time Zack and Anna publishes a new post that maybe where your problem lies. Given that Zack and Anna are cats (no insult intended-I am a big time animal lover ) I would imagine that they have to edit many times and if they publish their post each time after they edit who ever has signed up for their blog publishing notice e-mail will be receiving many notices/e-mails. For those of you who are having this problem I recommend that you unsubscribe from the e-mail notifications for Zack and Anna publishing a new post and just be sure to check every couple of days for the Zack and Anna's newest post.

Hope this has helped someone,
Computer Geek

P.S. Zack and Anna ARE COOL CATS! I think your blog is great. Keep up the good work. I am going to see if any of my hamsters have a knack for blogging.