Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween from ZAck and Anna


"Mortisha from the Addams Framily"
Anna in her Halloweenie Costume.
Designed and made by Anna.
(Patch over my right eye was my own idea. Cool, huh? :)

"Very Brave Anima Cartoon Character"

ZAck in his Hallloween Costume

Designed and made by ZAck

"My NaMn iis VelVroom"

Notice all teh space arround me?

Cause I put out lots of ENERGY....

Because I am VelVroom!

(I really am soooooooo cool!)


What were you for Halloweenie?

Send us you pictures.

1 comment:

Tynan said...

You really are cool kitties! Love the drawings! I was a Dangerous Knight and even vanquished some ugly goblins with my sword on Halloween!