Thursday, September 11, 2008

Molly and Alley whatever... WE HAVE CAT WOMEN ON OUR SIDE


Cat Women wearing a character outfit from one of the best loved 1970s television series. Still a hit in syndication and everyone is still in love (or falling in love) with "MARY RICHARDS" (played by thewonderful Mary Tyler Moore) in:

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

CAT WOMAN incognito as Mary Richards
By Debber
Medium: Digital Art /Paint and Adobe Photoshop 2008

Here is a wonderful artist rendition of CAT WOMAN Incognito dressed up as Mary Richards from the Mary Tyler Moore Show

How abbsolutley COOL! CAT WOMAN Incgognito is sooo The Cat's Meow COOL!!! CATS ROCK!!! weE ARE Awessome!!! Let's here it from all you CATS outthere. Yeah!

Now before we go on with the rest of the bloog we want to say that Mooly anb Alley arr not too bad for dogs. Thay are kinda on tHe cute side. We first were hissing madd that they had hacked into our bloog, but then we realized that thay are kinda talentted and they were just trying to have fun. (ANd after all we arr family. Yay, isn't that a show stopper?) Mooly anb AlLey's mom is our Gramie. DEbber, our Mom, is Mooly and Alley's sister. We know - it reely blows yur mind!!!! Try to wrap yur brain around that ONE!

Tip of the DAY: On a very serious note please take a moment with your family, friends, pets, or colleagues (maybe by yourself) and remember and give thanks for the brave Men and Women of 9-11. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKYOU! We will never forget you. We thank you and send our love to everyone effected by the events of that day 9-11.

ShOUT OUT of THE DAy: Today wee are shouting to everyone. Show kindness and apppreciation to everyone you come in contact wiht for the next couple of days (thoose who you know or persons/animals you even donnot know). You will help make the days a little more full of sunshine. Isn't that rite, Mary Richards?

Incloseing wee send our love to all of you outthere and reely anywheer. (What is OUTTHERE?) SO....I guess that meens to you tooo Mooly and ALley. (Ouch! That kinda hurt to rite that.) It is just our breeed. Wee will work on it - promise. Of all days it is the rite day to choose to think good thoughts about others and yurself. Remember to show love and appreciation to others and to yurself.

Hugs and bugs,

Zacck aNd Annna

(=^.^=) (=^.^=)

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