Monday, September 29, 2008

Poems by CATS

Little Mousies

Love to eat them mousies. ~Oo.

Mousies I love to eat. ~Oo.

Bite their little heads off. ~Oo.

Nibble on them tiny feet. ~Oo.

.by an anonymous cat

Tiger that I am
by Andrew Jackson Burt - The Cat 1983

Art by Debber (drawn in sixth grade)
Medium: color pencil
Restored and twixt using Adobe Photoshop 2005


Derby said...

Hello Zack and Anna. Or should it be ladycat's first and be Anna and Zack?!

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoy sharing my life with the rest of the blogophsere. I will drop in as I have time. so many blogs, so little time.

Bailey said...

Hello, Zack and Anna. Thanks for the comment your blog is really cool to.

LarryB said...

What a Totally Awesome Blog the two of You have created in here, my Feline Lovin' new friends! There is No finer Cat related stuff related place that I know of out there, that would be better than yours! I LOVE this Blog and I've added it to my favorites and will spread a link around as well, to my friends who know & Love Cats.

Thank You both for inviting me to visit here with You when you added Your entry to my wee guest-book the other day. Thanx also for the kind comments You left there...

I think this Cool Cat Blog of Yours is just Prrrrfect!



Tynan said...

I love love love the art work!! And what interesting links you two kitties have found. I love my kitty Sake, I love her so much my mom has to remind me not to squish her when I give her hugs. She's so soft. Here's a big squish for the two of you for visiting my blog! Thanks for your comment, and I enjoyed yours just as much and will be back often!

Tynanob (Age 3)

bruce said...

Nice artwork, you cats have some artistic talent